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Track Name: Anxiety Attack - D.N.A

Cops are DN.A suckers.
Who are you to take this?
Bum in hell, i'm on your list.
Let me act!
(see my fist)
Let me think!
(in your face)
I'll never give it
my DNA is not a proof!
Your tool is the control,
Want to be free in any town,
I'll never give it
my DNA is not a proof!
your tool is the control
want to be free in any town
I'll never give it, it's my DNA,
and it's not a proof
Fucking cops.
Track Name: Anxiety Attack - Blackhoods

"Stay alone and shut the fuck up"
that's what they want us to do.
Sometimes alone, never obedient.
Many of us will never respect you,
is that a crime?
Can't prevent us to be angry,
we are the blackhoods!
Never obedient
Millions of gangs,
tribes of black hearts,
wanting your fall.
We are the blackhoods.
Track Name: Anxiety Attack - Got No Cars

It's my fault, I've got no car,
now I'm waiting at the bus stop.
I'm guilty, I've got no license,
but I've got two fingers:
one for hitchhiker,
and one for motherfucker.
I'm taking on, so take me out
I want feel the road
under your wheels, darling!
I don't need license to
fall down the final hole.
One hour to the fucking next town.
Eat my thumb!
Track Name: Anxiety Attack - Tough Shit

You're not tough, that's enough.
let's get straight to the point.
Nothing can change my mind.
I hate the way you move,
I hate your macho style.
It's not a boxing ring right now.
Keep your violence outside.
The war is the daily round.
Show off! fucking tough kid
Tough kid Tough shit
You're just a piece of shit!
Displays of big nuts,
far away from PMA,
fucking sick mentality.
(tough kid tough shit)
Blow hot air,
fucking piece of meat,
what they want to prove?
(tough kid tough shit)
you're fucking tough kid
you'll never be my friend.
Track Name: Anxiety Attack - Property Fails

don't want your right
Music is the property of no-one
downloadl, share, copy, and steal.
Get off with your right society of shit
free access for all !
free access for everything !
free access for ail and everything !
GEMA, SIAE, PRS for music
and ail that shit.
Good night, music pride
DIY or die
Rip Off. Property fails.
And now, we steal this end to ....
Track Name: Anxiety Attack - No Way II

No way
can't living for today
fight, fight, I've chosen my fight
I've seen what they put in my plate
Refuse to eat this shit everyday.
Trivialized cause
clichés pilled up
I'll never get used to your reality.
There's no fucking way
Track Name: Anxiety Attack - Empty Skies

You're gone
without saying
the news will be bad punch
still taking,
got no choice
no I'm knocked out fot ever
ever and ever.
It's out of time
I've lost my peace of mind
I know the sky is fucking empty.
Your shadows will always camp
in my mind
with all I've learned from you.
It's out of time,
I've lost my piece of mind.
Track Name: Anxiety Attack - Downfall

Sun is not shinning everywhere
Everybody doesn't fucking care
Fucking damages,
that no one can repair
Cockroach living under the set,
under your business world
there's not hope anymore
live my life as I want
like a cockroach
waiting for the downfall
I rather cross, cross the line
I doesn't mean anything
to keep on survive
I rather cross the line.